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September 4, 2012 with 107 notes
tagged: lavinia swire - downton abbey - Zoe Boyle - my stuff - graphic: downton abbey - so I feel like talking about this horrily mistreated character for a bit - ms lavinia swire has one of the worst story arcs I have ever seen - it's so completely unfair how she's the total joke of the show used only as a plot device to come in between mary and matthew - besides her absolutely HORRIBLE ending - the treatment she receives from matthew is awful - he cheats on her - sorry there's no other word for what he did - and while she was lying in bed sick just upstairs - he stays with her despite teh fact he knows he's in love with someone else - that's not honour that's something that would make both of them miserable in the long run - there's the hate she gets from the fans - her only crime seems to have been loving matthew so she's actually done nothing wrong - she was willing to give up a lot in her life to stay with him which is pretty incredible - let's face it matthew was always going to end up with mary - i ship matthew and mary - but lavinia is probably one of my favourite tv characters - so don't even get me started on her absolutely shitty ending that's a whole other paragraph - downton abbey spoilers - new* -
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    damn it i forgot to blacklist downton abbey now that i’ve started watching it now i’ve been spoiled. fuck bitches.
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    #so I feel like talking about this horrily mistreated character for a bit #ms lavinia swire has one of the worst story...
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